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Build your own pizza at a flat reasonable rate. Quality ingredients. Friendly staff. Seriously what more can you ask for? They even have options for vegan cheese, sugar free marinara sauce, and gluten free crust (Gluten Free crust is the only one that’ll cost more out of the three).


I go here a few times a month since I’ve discovered it and tell everyone I know about this lil gem. Do it!


Bobby M. – Chicago, IL



Simply the best individual pizza place there is. Let’s start with the dough. Multiple choices, traditional, wheat, … Sauce, bbq, pesto, red, red non sweet, … Toppings OMG. chicken, sausage, beef, bacon…. Toppings blue cheese, garlic, …


Not enough room for it all. All is fresh. All is made to order. Staff is super attentive and friendly. And quick quick quick. All the selection like subway but in a delicious pizza.


Very military and police friendly too, love taking the family here or stopping in for lunch if in the area.


Christopher S. – Lockport, IL



This place is great! It’s quick and making my personal pizza exactly how I want is the best part. There are so many options for everyone’s taste buds. Gluten free crust, wheat or traditional crust.


Elizabeth G. – Tinley Park, IL



I think the pizza is very good. They have gluten free version as well. They have vegan cheese as well. The people are very nice. Taste very good. You should try it out!!


Eileen T. – Orland Park, IL



I work near here and I love this place. I always call in to order and they are really helpful and always repeat your order to you. I love that they have a couple different options for sauce and crust.


I’ve never sat down and eaten in the place but it always looks nice and clean.


Give it a try you won’t regret it.


Samantha R. – Wheeling, IL



I’ll definitely be checking this place out again soon. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, the selection of toppings is off the charts and the gluten free crust is delicious. The pizza was cooked perfectly in about 7 minutes and was outstanding.


William B. – Mokena, IL



Read the reviews one day and decided to check it out. I was greeted by friendly staff upon entering. The selection of toppings were plentiful as promised. I read over the menu and decided to make my own. I had a great amount of topping choices I could make to my taste. After making my pizza they put it in the oven to cook. Mighty hot oven to cook up that fast and crispy!! It came out in a matter of minutes. I was excited to sit down and dig in. It tasted as good as it looked..even better!!! Crispy crust, stringy mozzarella, tasty toppings. This is one great pizza. I was very pleased. Joined their frequency club and was excited to return.


So far I brought my daughter,mom and my boyfriend with me and they all had the same opinion, this is some great pizza!! And all the toppings for a great price.


I can’t wait to go back and try a new combination and maybe a salad.


Kudos to the staff and the lady I’ve seen there each time…. they are doing a great job.


Denise C. – Tinley Park, IL



Came on a whim and was not disappointed. I was a little overwhelmed at first, not knowing what I wanted, but the staff was more than friendly and accommodating to help me down the line. The three ladies working were beyond personable and made me feel like a regular on my first visit. They even took time in between customers to ask how things turned out. I would not have expected this from what is essentially a “fast casual” restaurant.


I like a lot of veg on my pizza, so having an establishment that allows me load up on vegetables is a refreshing thing. If you like a super crispy crust, you will not be disappointed. Even with the loaded veg it was crisp.


I will definitely be back. Thanks, Prontó.


Michael B. – Homer Glen, IL



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Excellent. My son has a dairy allergy. You offer vegan cheese (daiya) & gluten free crust. The staff cleaned everything, got out new boards, cutters, changed gloves, made my son’s pizza first; ALL WITHOUT ASKING! Amazing service! Super fresh!


Victoria H.



I had pizza margarita which was wonderful! Pronto uses the thinnest cut tomatoes I’ve ever seen, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella all excellent. My kids both got BBQ chicken pizza one with onions one without. The chicken was fresh. Hubby got every meat available with red sauce, peppers and onions. Everyone gives two thumbs up and can’t wait to go back!


Nancy S.



Planned an event with 10 kids here. Everyone was so patient and helpful! The kids and parents are looking forward to going back! Good pizza, good food, good time!


Deborah B.



AWESOME!!! Build my own with fresh ingredients and lightning fast with a Wicker park vibe!! This is the future of Pizza!


Frank M.



We did a school fundraiser here! Everything was fantastic!


Kim A.



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5-stars! Great gluten free pizza!


Laura O.



It has vegan cheese!


Ellen G.



My favorite pizza place!


Nathan V.



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“Unlike any other pizza place”
The pizza here is unlike any other! You pick everything from the bread to the toppings. They make it right in front of you. Everything there is fresh and you can taste that in the pizza! I could not get over how amazing this place is!


Taliamckaila – Springfield, IL



“Love this place!”
While traveling in Illinois, we stopped into Pronto Pizza Kitchen for a quick dinner, expecting it to be like every other shopping center pizza place, but it was different in a lot of important ways. First of all, the pizza is delicious. It is not shaped or served like a New York pizza, but it has a NY pizza kind of taste and it doesn’t get much better than that in our humble opinion. That aside, you can have your pizza any way you like it and all the ingredients are fresh and plentiful. It’s so reasonably priced, too! They have some wonderful large canvas prints of places in Italy related to fresh produce, wine and even a Vespa! And I can’t say enough about the staff; they were probably the friendliest we have ever encountered. All in all, a thoroughly delightful experience.


Travlr3210 – Louisville, KY



“Best Pizza”
This is absolutely my favorite place in the area for pizza. They will make your pizza exactly how you want it, no questions asked and no guilting you for anything you’re choosing no matter what the combination. Always cooked perfectly and a very thin crust. Have had all very pleasant workers every time. Also love their rewards, every so often we’ve accumulated enough points to get one pizza free!


4CK2 – Oak Forest, IL



Find Me Gluten Free Reviews

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First time here with my daughter who has celiac…I was impressed with their customer service and the process in place to avoid cross contamination. Definitely added to our list of “go to” places! Keep up the great work, we appreciate it.





This is a great place to go for dine in or carry out. They have great tasting gluten free crust that avoids cross contamination and you have a wide choice of toppings and sauces to try. The crust is crisp and tasty, one of the better ones I’ve tried. I recommend this place not only for the gluten free but its also a fun place for kids and easy and inexpensive dine in restaurant for those on a budget. They also have fresh made to order salads with your choice of toppings and variety of salad dressings. All ingredients are fresh for the salad and pizza.





Great personal Gluten Free thin crust pizza, you can put as many toppings on as you want without any upcharge (except for GF crust). Make sure to ask for the GF sauces in the squirt bottles and to use separate utensils for sauce and cutting the pizza. It was delish and I had no celiac issues following. If you become a member they also have free soft serve ice cream for dessert. I’ll be back!





Prontos is a new build your own pizza place. The gluten free crust us one of the best I have had. There are multiple gf sauces to choose from as well. All the toppings are fresh and you can pick as many or as few as you would like. The pizza is cooked in its own pan so it never touches the pizza oven. The preparers always change their gloves with each gf pizza. I have loved each pizza I have ordered and I have never gotten sick!!! I highly recommend Prontos if you are in the southwest suburbs. Think Subway for pizzas.






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Great place to eat if you have Gluten allergy or Celiac Disease. They are very careful about cross contamination.


Shameron S.



Food was awesome. Love the concept of being able to design your own personal pizza and have as many toppings on it as you wish and not pay anything different but one flat rate. Flavor and setting were perfect!





Great staff, very good product, fun to make your own pizza and the salads look great. Will return soon, highly recommend.





This was the BEST darn pizza that I have ever had in my life!!!! I highly recommend them and will go out of my way to eat there again.